For the last 14 years the Dark Muse Ministry has undergone a multitude of strategic changes, iterations, staff shuffling, resource upgrades, and mission statement alterations. Despite changes in medium, message, or management the underlying purpose has remained the same - Education. Specifically we have endeavored to create a process by which those estranged from the White Tower of Academia could achieve what had been denied to them because of birth, wealth, or circumstance. 


In 14 years we have learned some very important lessons:

  • Everything up to now was but a preface to the real work
  • The methods of learning and education have changed in drastic and / or revolutionary ways over the last decade
  • A lasting value is measured in both the timeless quality of its message as well as its ability to translate to new mediums

For now we are closing operations - at least outwardly. We have gained experience, listened to the advice of experts, and aggregated libraries of data. Now we are planning to do something to make all that into something of real value to the world. Three "somethings" actually.

  1. A Book: Or more accurately a primer. We are writing a textbook that offers a syncretic syllabus to help those without a degree, without a plan, who feel overwhelmed by that eternal question of the intellectual paradigm, "Where do I begin?"
  2. A Mobile App: Though meant as a supplemental piece to the book it is being designed as a stand-alone and introduction to the Dark Muse Ministry methodology. The app will mix typical "brain game" functionality, trivial pursuit training and learning, leveled testing according to our own designated educational order, as well as various skill training exercise like drawing, music, and the praxis of various crafts like fixing a car or setting up a "smart home."
  3. A Game: This will be the backbone that will help form the community for the first two. Based on the philosophical and game concepts outlined in Herman Hesse's "Magister Ludi" or "The Glass Bead Game" this will have rules and forums and methods to be applied across all channels, digital or otherwise. 

Although it may sound as if this is all a euphemism for an epilogue the reality is that we are taking on more staff to handle the project needs for the above pieces. We are working to make 2014 the year we unveil the next iteration of the Dark Muse Ministry. 

The Dark Muse Ministry is still a chantry and network devoted to understanding and optimizing the human experience. For the Futurists, Integral Enthusiasts, and Metaphysicists. For the Steampunk Entrepreneurs and Virtual Adepts. For the Intellectual, Chemical, and Digital Geniuses. For the Cyber Punk Scions and Post-Apocalyptic Gurus. For the Enlightened Advertisers and Urban Guerilla Strategists. For the Magicians, Chaoticians and Mad Scientists. For the Nootropic-popping Neuromancers, Binaural Beat DJs and Isochronic Alchemists. For the Transhumanists, Alderol Addicts, and Perpetual Students. For the Discordians and Occultists. For the Neuro-Linguistic Programmers, the Post-Modern Zen Masters and the Pirates of the Digital Seas.


So until we open our doors once again, remember:

"To dare for greatness, knowing our spirits need work, our hearts need victory, our minds need celebration, and our bodies need beauty."

If you are interested in helping us develop the projects described; The Book, The App, or The Game, please contact us at


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